Simple and

Simple and

The smartlock everyone was waiting for

Modern and minimalistic design

The new LoopKey One brings the future of locks to you through its unique and modern design.
Associated with state-of-the-art technologies, LoopKey One is the protagonist of a new era.
For us innovation starts at the front door.

Share Access
Not Your Keys.

Share access with your family, friends and employees without worrying about lost or stolen keys!
Control and monitor from anywhere in the world who has accessed and when.

Understand What’s Happening

LoopKey has several sensors, not only to inform you when and who opened your door, but whether it was using the mechanical key**, card or smartphone.
In addition, you can configure to receive notifications instantly when your door has been opened, for example.

** It is not possible to know who opened using the key.

Low Maintenance Cost

LoopKey is a fully plug & play solution, providing quick and inexpensive installation with no specialized manpower required.
We also provide simpler and more practical preventive and corrective maintenance through our modular design.

Robust and Durable

Because it is produced entirely from 304 Stainless Steel, the LoopKey is highly durable and safe and can be installed in coastal regions subject to bad weather and sea air.
In addition, Stainless Steel is highly recyclable and hypoallergenic, being free of harmful chemicals.

Simple and Practical Installation

It’s even easier to install your LoopKey.
Now you can simply change your current lock without even needing a technician.

Proximity Cards

Your children or employees do not have smartphones?
The LoopKey also accepts the most advanced proximity cards and wristbands, providing even more flexibility associated to safety.
*** optional module

Works on AA Batteries

The LoopKey works for over 12 uninterrupted months using only 4 AA * batteries.
And do not worry, LoopKey will warn you of 200 openings before the batteries run out of power to change them.

* using Duracell alkaline batteries in residential use.

Join the Future!

Join us and do not use keys, badges, passwords or biometrics.
Welcome to a new era with LoopKey.

LoopKey One Use Cases


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