Trade in keys for your smartphone

Over 320,000 sqft shared!

Manage from anywhere and everywhere

New employee? Instantly give access straight from your iOS or Android App, from anywhere in the world!

Details that matter

With LoopKey you can decide thoroughly when your employee may have access. For example, you may allow him to access on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8 AM to 6 PM for the next 30 days.

Practical and secure

Our knock to unlock feature allows you to get close to your door and open it by tapping your phone with your personal rhythm when it vibrates. You can also set a safety pattern so that in emergencies you can discreetly notify someone who will help you.

No more surprises

Know the exact time your door was unlocked and by whom. LoopKey will learn your door’s usage behavior and we’ll notify you in case of any anomalies.

Security is our goal

All this was made possible by years of investment on research, development and innovation, surrounded by the best professionals in the field. LoopKey was designed to be secure.

Integrations? We have them!

Through our API you can easily integrate LoopKey with time clock systems, CCTV, lighting, alarm or services such as IFTTT, Slack or your company’s own systems. Can you imagine what’s possible with LoopKey?

What are you waiting for?

Our team spent the last two years exhaustively testing LoopKey for this unique moment — which you can be a part of. Be amongst the first people to experience the freedom and control of not having to use keys.

By acquiring a LoopKey now you can enjoy all the features already developed and those yet to come!


LoopKey is placed inside your room, just by your door. To enter, use your smartphone. To exit, just touch the LoopKey.

It’s installation only requires a cable from the door or preexisting access control to LoopKey and power.

  • Access cards

    LoopKey can be installed alongside any other system that uses cards, biometrics or password.

  • Intercoms

    Install LoopKey with any intercom and open the same door using also your smartphone.

  • Gates?

    Control any type of gate, automatic doors or other kinds of electronic barriers.

  • Electromagnet and Solenoids

    LoopKey supports magnetic locks. Choose yours during setup and you’re done, all set!

Questions about installation?

Professional installers are ready to design and execute the best installation alternative for your company. Everything will be ready in a heartbeat.

We recommend that the installation is done by capable professionals in order to avoid accidents.


  • What should I do if I run out of electrical power?

    LoopKey can be installed in many ways and with different types of locks. Depending on the installation, if you run out of power, LoopKey will continue to function as usual, as long as its battery lasts. You may also unlock the door with your regular, metal keys.

    We are ready to help you choose the best type of installation according to the needs of each space of your company.

  • When will LoopKey be available for purchase?

    LoopKey is already available for purchase by clicking here!

  • Is LoopKey compatible with my door?

    LoopKey is compatible with any electrical-driven lock (such as electromagnets, solenoids, electromagnetic latches, even gates). This flexibility makes its installation possible in any kind of door, regardless of size, type or material. For instance, LoopKey may be installed in wooden, metal or glass doors, and pivoting, hinged or sliding doors.

  • What if my employee doesn’t own a smartphone or I don’t have mine?

    Smartphones are powerful computers that we carry everywhere, what allowed us to develop a solution as safe as LoopKey. However, when they’re not available, your door can be unlocked by the LoopKey Keyfob, a small device that unlocks your door when its user simply pushes its button, using all the necessary security protocols. The Keyfob is the size of a quarter, and can be used as a keychain, for example. It will be available for purchase early 2018.

  • I want to be a reseller/comercial representative, what’s my next step?

    LoopKey is a worldwide innovative technology and 100% Brazilian, thus being an excellent opportunity for companies that resell access control technology to expand their products with a high quality product. Contact us at

  • How secure is LoopKey?

    LoopKey was designed from the beginning focusing on safety first. Our team works with information security experts from University of Brasília (UnB) and from the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) to make sure the best practices are being used and always testing and retesting our systems.

    NSA-grade encryption algorithms are used by LoopKey to ensure secrecy in the communication and data storage, as well as authenticating commands. All of it to make sure that only people you’ve given access to can use your door.

  • How do I integrate a system with LoopKey?

    You can install LoopKey along with other access control systems, such as biometrics or access badges. Also, you can use our online API to integrate your systems with LoopKey’s access management. Please contact us for information about our API.

  • What comes inside a LoopKey box?

    Inside the box you’ll find: (i) one LoopKey, with its connecting terminals ready to connect with the lock; (ii) one AC power converter, required to connect the LoopKey to the power outlet; (iii) screws for wall fixation; e (iv) one installation manual.